25 years – 4 locations – thousands of future leaders.

  • To recognize, nurture and evoke the best in each pupil by rousing their curiosity, inspiring and motivating them through positive reinforcements in the classroom, fun value-added programs, educational field trips and other childhood-enriching excursions.
  • To promote the spirit of lifelong-learning and sharing in the entire teaching, management & administrative staff.
  • To provide a conducive environment for the holistic growth of one and all involved at Zulfa!
  • A voracious learner, a verbal-linguistic genius, a confident & effective communicator, a conscientious & responsible citizen is what we see produced in our young charges every year.
  • Employment of specialist-teachers with the adequate measures experience & relevant qualifications whom are also proactive, progressive and creative in charge of both the development of students and newly-graduated teachers coming on board.
  • Zulfa Kindergarten established as The Ministry of Education’s preferred partner in primary preparatory education and the number one choice of discerning parents who demand nothing less quality education and a wholesome childhood for their precious, loved ones.


S =  Steadfast

We are steadfast in our daily amal for this world and the hereafter.

P = Passion

We discahrge of our affairs and responsibilities with passion and sincerity.

I = Intelligence

We impart, share & consult those with intelligence both at work and at play.

R = Reverence

We worship Allah, exalt his Messenger, love our parents, respect our elders and guide our charges. (taqawa)

I = Integrity

In whatever we do and wherever we are Allah is our Witness.

T = Teamwork

To achieve the greater good, we work together by honouring others before ourselves. (ikram Muslimin)